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Character Sheet: vilgar_mew.pdf


An unusually charming half-Orc whose sultry demeanor is interrupted only by the presence of arrogant noblemen. His appearance is mostly human, the only orc in him his small protruding tusks that occasionally reveal his Orcish accent, pointed ears that are hidden mostly by dark wavy hair, and sandy skin dotted with brown freckles.

He aims to take away the freedoms of powerful people by seeking power for himself. As a half-orc, he tends to stand out in a crowd, and prefers to accompany others of equal oddity or those who appreciate anarchy.

Raised in a small Sharakim orc village to a single orc mother, Vilgar was taught at an early age that orcs were impure, tainted humans who were punished for the sins of their fathers that drank the blood of a sacred stag. He disliked the brutality and savagery of orcs, although he had never seen any outside of the Sharakim and was afraid to meet one. As a half-human in a village that views orchood as a curse, he was held above the standards of children of the same age for his intelligence and fair features. He grew up surrounded by books and education emulating the noble teachings of the neighboring human city, thanks to his village’s obsession with the noblemen it housed. He practiced manners, swordfighting, and entertaining with his mother and with humans passing by the village. In contrast to his high class teachings, he spent most nights hungry, his mother trying her best to forage for food, the humans of the neighboring village mostly concerned with providing education and religious conversion rather than subverting famine. On nights where his mother could not afford to provide food, he’d head into the night to steal what he could from whoever he could, lying to her about the source of his bounties.

His teenage years were pointed by a rebellious streak brought on from his mother’s overprotective and overbearing parenting. Curious about his unknown father, he pried the humans of the city for information with his charms and eventually learned of his mother’s profession as a concubine for humans with a taste for tusks during a visit at the brothel. He learned of his noble father, beloved by all living in the city, and repeatedly tried to contact him, eventually ending in a violent scuffle that led his father to capture and torture him in the dungeons beneath his castle.

He was eventually freed by a kind slave working in the kitchens, another illegitimate child forgotten and swept under the rug. It was then that his distaste for the deception and villainy of the upper class was born, marked by an element of hypocrisy thanks to his own charismatic and political abilities. Humans seemed just as capable of villainy as the orcs in the stories were, coming to the realization that a life of torture was more punishment than a quick death. Beings praising themselves for their charity and goodness by providing bandages and distractions rather than solutions to foreigns problems fueled his fury. Feeling the need to trample on humans with more than him, he desires to use his wiles to gain a position of power and force civilized society into anarchy and ruin.


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